#TBT: 2Baba – Implication


#TBT: 2Baba – Implication

Straight from the “Unstoppable 2” album released back in 2010. We bring you Implication as DAW’s #TBT. The legendary 2Baba who was called 2face by the time he released this song is still relevant in the music industry with new releases and songs that topped the chart like Gaaga Shuffle, Amplifier, Holy Holy among more.

Sit back relax and enjoy the 2010 number we bring to you today. Below is the lyrics and video, I believe it will spark some old memories, and the kids of today will listen to the good music we all danced to.



As I colobe your sister
As I jasi dey go ra
As I disobey my mother
I come dey get plenty wahala
As I follow the brother as he commit the disaster
Just because say I dey there
Colo, enter the yawa

Olele, olele
Ole jelapooloo lele!
Ole wua olewua, ole jelu bu lewua

Implication And you know
Just like Adam and Eve, anywhere that you go I will follow
And you know
As I follow you to eat up the seed, we shall reap what we sow

Mngu orlo we mega
Mkenge we ki cha
Kwagh wou gande, mkede ava sha
Se er hanma kwagh together
Ki usu kpa se za
Havande kpa se za
Mngu undun we ga
Zanzan tartoo ava


Watch Video below: