Keke Palmer Shows Off Massive New Tattoo


Keke PalmerKeke Palmer has shown just how grown she is! The actress who started acting as a child gave fans a view of her massive new tattoo. The 25-year-old revealed that the new ink was tattooed by Vivien Vamosi during her recent vacation in Budapest.

The tattoo which took 8 hours to complete goes from her armpit to her waist and is of flowers as well as butterflies.

Keke said in the post, “Eight hours of pure pain. The first 5/6hrs I was completely fineeee. Handling the pain perfectly well … then IT BECAME WAYYY TO REPETITIVE. Going over the same spots repeatedly lmao omg. Lining, shading, coloring and I refused to break it into two sessions . Thank you @vivitattoos5, I love it. A wonderful memento from my time in Budapest and an awesome addition to what was once just one lone sunflower and butterfly.”