Iceberg Slim apologises publicly to Juliet Ibrahim for cheating


Rapper Iceberg slim has apologized to actress Juliet Ibrahim for cheating on her and causing her pains. In a post he just updated on his social media timeline, the rapper apologized for not being there for her even at the time she needed him the most.

He felt sober for being dishonest with her and taking her love for granted, not minding the repercussions on her.

He, however, felt there was the need to heal and move on with their respective lives and it does not matter the apology is coming at this time after months of separation.

The former lovebirds were the talk of the town in their heydays as they were spotted together on many occasions in highly romantic poses. Even when rumors filled the social media on their separation, it took a while for their fans to come to terms with that as most people perceived them to be the perfect couple.

It actually didn’t take long for the actress to move on with her life as she was spotted having fun with friends across the world and always made sure she posted on social media to let the world understand she has finally moved on and even sometimes dished out relationship advises.