How to Donate a Car to the Salvation Army


Do you have an old car sitting around in your driveway or backyard that you haven’t driven in years? Even one that doesn’t run? Or do you have a new car you don’t need anymore? Instead of letting it rot away in your driveway, do some good by donating your car to the Salvation Army. There is no cost to you for making the donation. The steps below explain how to donate a car to the salvation army is as follows;

Scheduling the Donation

Read the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) “Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation. If you plan to claim a tax deduction for donating your car, make sure to read this publication ahead of time. It explains all of the IRS regulations regarding the donation of cars and other vehicle, and how to claim a deduction, if applicable.

  • You can find this form by searching its title on the IRS website.
  • You may also want to talk to a tax advisor beforehand about your plans to make a vehicle donation.

Visit the Salvation Army donation website. Specific information on how to donate a car will vary depending upon your location and the Salvation Army center you will be working with. By visiting the SA donation website, you can enter your ZIP code and find this information.

  • You can also call the Salvation Army at 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to arrange a car donation.
  • In the US, the SA is divided into four regions, one each for the central, eastern, southern, and western states. Each region provides distinct information for tax purposes.
  • If your car is subject to a loan, it will most likely have to be settled before the vehicle can be donated. Contact the SA for details.

Enter information related to your car. You can begin the process of donating your car online through the Salvation Army donation website, or over the phone. You will need to enter information about your car, including:

  • The car vehicle identification number (VIN). This can usually be found at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side, and in a few other locations (check your car’s owner’s manual for details).
  • The car’s manufacturer and model name, year of production, and color
  • The current license plate number
  • The address on the car’s registration

Specify when you want the car to be picked up. The Salvation Army is happy to come and pick the car up from you, saving you time and trouble. You can select a preferred time (morning, afternoon, evening, or anytime) for the pickup when entering your information on the SA donation website, or over the phone.

  • If you have any special notes about the pickup (for example, “beware of dog,” or “garage is in the backyard”), you will have the opportunity to give these as well.

Provide your name and home phone number. This information is used by the Salvation Army to verify that you want to donate your car, and to contact you if any more information is needed or if problems arise.

  • The SA will contact you within 3 business days regarding the pickup.

Clean out your car. Wash it, vacuum the inside, and make sure to remove any personal items from the car so that it is ready to be picked up. It’s not mandatory, but if you’re donating it already, why not do some extra good and make it look nice?

Have the Salvation Army pick up your car. The SA will visit your home at the scheduled time to pick up the car. You will turn over the keys and signed title, and SA workers will answer any questions you may have.

Receive your tax deductible receipt when the car is picked up. When the Salvation Army comes to pick up your car, they will provide you with a receipt that you can use when filing your taxes in order to receive a deduction. Additional information to be used when filing your taxes will be mailed to you by the SA once your vehicle is sold.

  • Make sure to record the car’s odometer reading when the SA comes to pick it up. You will need this later to claim your deduction.