(DAW SPOTLIGHT) Ajura talks about his new single Overtake and many more


(DAW SPOTLIGHT) Ajura talks about his new single Overtake and many more We recently had an interview with one of GWorldwide’s new signing Ajura and he talks about his problems so far in his career.

Read below;

1: Hello, can we know your full name?

Ans: My full name is OJAMOMI DANIEL ALABA.

2: What was it like growing up and doing music?

Ans: Growing up and doing music was quite interesting because I grew up in a music environment, my family is a music family, where my elder siblings have actually been into music before I was born, so I grew up listening to good music from my parents and siblings, then I fell in love with Music. Basically, I’m a kind that really doesn’t talk too much, but I have a lot of things in my head, so music makes it easy and fun for me to express myself. Then I realized, those expressions make people happy and there are also appreciation and financial income for it.
I said to myself”This is sure a way of LIFE, I make people happy, get so much freedom of expression and still get paid for it.

(DAW SPOTLIGHT) Ajura talks about his new single Overtake and many more 3: Did your parents support you when you started music?

Ans: No, my parents didn’t support me when I started music. It was all hell in the house, they never allow me rest. You must go to school was the only music my mum kept singing to me.

4: If not music what will you be doing?

Ans: If not music, I can’t do anything else. Its still going to be me and music for life.

5: What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?

Ans: Wow, The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me was when I wanted to do a concert in my school, FEDERAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION(TECHNICAL)Akoka FCET.
On campus then, I was like the most popular artist in school. So I asked students to support me and buy my CD for just #200, but they insisted I make #1000 because I was bigger than #200 according to them. But I had to reduce it to #500 because I wanted everyone to be able to afford the CD and enjoy the show.
But surprisingly to me, on the day of the event, it was just me, my mum, siblings and few friends that were in the hall.I felt so bad.
I can never forget that fateful day.
The funny part was that on that day, my songs were being played on campus and people were dancing and enjoying it. But no one came to my Show.

6: Your new song Overtake which now has a video is gradually penetrating why did you decide to do a song like that?

Ans: I decided to do the song Overtake because, at the time after I dropped my first single Enchanted, a lot of speculations and also a lot was going through my mind.
You see as humans we battle with a lot in our minds, so I decided to put all I was feeling on that song Overtake.
PEOPLE say the exit of Kizz Daniel is the end of the label. So I’m trying to tell the WORLD that every star will SHINE.No doubt Kizz Daniel is Talented and I personally dig his sound. But AJURA is the new WAVE. And Kiss Daniel’s reign is ended.
Above all, I’m in no competition with anyone. God has placed me ahead and I will continue to work hard both Spiritually and physically to maintain that spot. So them no fit #OVERTAKE!

(DAW SPOTLIGHT) Ajura talks about his new single Overtake and many more 7: What are your major plans this year?

Ans: My plans for the year are already unfolding, starting with the release of an impressive video for my banging single OVERTAKE. Following with G-Worldwide’s Campus Tour set to kick off in a couple of weeks, where I will be performing with my label mates “SUGARBOY & EASY JAY” alongside other top Nigerian artistes across different private and public universities in Nigeria. It’s really going to be massive trust me.
The year 2019 is going to be a great one for AJURA, more hit songs coming through. Also, I will be performing at different concerts, locally and intentionally plus lots of goodies for my fans, enough said, just follow me on social media @Ajuraofficial and watch the pace.

8: Do you have anything to tell your fans?

Ans: Yeah. I want to tell all my Fans out there that I appreciate them so much, without them no AJURA. Also, I want to urge them to keep supporting the brand and I promise I will never let them down.
Also, they should stay committed to their hustles and above all stay committed to GOD.