Congrats! Harrysong Joins Senior Class With Bulletproof M-Benz (Photos)

Congrats! Harrysong Joins Senior Class With Bulletproof M-Benz (Photos)

Popular Nigerian songwriter, instrumentalist, musician and entertainer, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrisong, is one of the artistes who rose from grass to grace in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

With his hit singles, ranging from ‘Nelson Mandela’ to ‘Better Pikin’ and ‘Reggae Blues’, among others, the multiple award winner has become a darling of many lovers of Nigerian music, especially his stage performance skills.

Couple of months ago, the 36-year-old, who used to drive Toyota Camry and then Hummer sport utility vehicle, bought himself a bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which has a semblance of the 2008 model. He took to his Instagram page to share the news.

The S-class is the flagship car of Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s top three luxury automakers, as it offers the kind of state-of-the-art luxury many want in a car.

When it comes to large luxury sedans, few convey as much grandeur and success as the 2008 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. For decades, the Mercedes flagship has been the quintessential premium sedan for well-to-do, high-ranking executives and celebrities who seek the finest automobile money can buy without seeking out models from Bentley, Maybach or Rolls-Royce.

Thus, for those desiring a large ultra luxury sedan that has everything and can do everything, the S-Class is the benchmark.

If the 2008 Mercedes-Benz S-Class could be summed up in three words, they would be power, elegance and technology.

Remarkably, in spite of its size, it feels surprisingly agile; its handling and acceleration are akin to that of a sports car, with precision engineering, groundbreaking technologies and an interior fit for dignitaries and celebrities.