About us

DamiAdenuga World is a multifaceted company that is well grounded in various areas of human endeavor. It is an organization that boasts a robust operational profile that encapsulates professional capabilities in Project and Business management, allied with media related expertise in promotion and branding.

With a broad database and strong online presence, the company provides Social media and Digital marketing services in a plethora of ways to meet the diverse needs of their relatively large client base. The broad scale on which the company operates extends to Public Relations where the organization is gradually carving a niche for itself as a reputable PR outfit with its track record of professionally delivered services.

At DamiAdenuga world, the core strength is a team of driven, highly motivated individuals who are skilled in a plethora of areas that contribute in no small measure to the company’s professional service delivery. There is no doubt that the organization is well equipped to perform high-level tasks and provide solutions on a global scale in its areas of specialization.