16-year-old Nigerian boy handcuffed to a motorcycle by Man O’ War officials (Photos)


A 16-year-old boy, who was sent to throw dispose remnants of a fish which might possibly attract stray cats, was reportedly assaulted by Man O’ War officials in their estate in Lagos who handcuffed him to a motorcycle.

16-year-old Nigerian boy handcuffed to a motorcycle by Man O' War officials (Photos) lailasnews

His aunt Sonia, who shared the story on Facebook, wrote;

‘I went to pick my Aunt around 2am on Friday . We drove past my estate,got home and everyone woke up to go and welcome my Aunt.

I was already Tired and just told my brother to help me throw away the Dustbin into the bigger one outside the gate because we put the remnants of the fish we cooked and it would attract stray cats .

My 16 year old brother took the dustbin outside. He then decided to go and get Sprite ,unaware of the time. As,he headed towards the end of my close to get into the Estate road,he noticed that there were no cars insight and turned around. He mentally calculated that it was probably very late.

As he was heading in, The security guards who are MAN O’ WAR officials stopped him and before he could tell them that he was a Resident of the Estate,They descended on him. He got slaps ,they started to Shock him with a Taser, Sprayed Tear gas and did numerous things. In all ,This happened just a house after mine,So he was close to home.He was taken to the Security Post and handcuffed to a Motorcycle.He kept telling them to confirm from his Family that he is a Resident but it fell on Deaf ears.He asked for me to be called and they Refused stating that I must Do the calling. I was already in Bed,Unaware of the torture my brother was going through.

At around 7.30am,We got a call that My brother was at the gate and handcuffed.  I drove there and Asked what the problem was. He narrated everything and I went to the Head of the Security and demanded tjat they remove the handcuff before I listen. I pay these people salary oh. They commandant told me No and that I could do my worst.

My husband soon joined me,demanded that the cuffs be removed and he refused. I took my car and blocked the gate,demanding that he removes the cuffs and take the case to the Police if they suspect him of anything. They had nothing on him.It was just a case of Bullying.He was an easy Prey. It sparked an outrage.
People started to tell their stories. The people we pay to protect us had suddenly become a threat to our lives.They were almost beaten up by the Angry Mob.

I refused to remove my car, demanding the release of my brother who had been tortured for 6 hours non stop. My brother who has health challanges.

The commandant took a bike and went to call the same police officers we asked them to call in the first place. When they arrived,They asked that the handcuff be removed and the matter taken to the station.  At this point there was a huge crowd already and the crowd refused to let my brother be released. They wanted the DPO present to witness first hand the inhumanity on a 16year old boy who did nothing.

One man( I hear he is a uniformed Officer) my God will bless, insisted that the DPO be present. He made calls,made videos and kept shaking his head at the level of wickedness.

The case went to the station and we made our statements. They were detained , I cannot tell if they were detained overnight.

The Estate secretary came to resolve the issue with me and I let it go.

Around 8pm,My husband drove me in his car to go and get Something just in front of the estate gate. As I was driving out,These same Man O war officers asked for the boot to be open.I explained that my boot had an issue and couldn’t be opened. I was let out.

As I was driving in,One of the Men who was on duty when my brother was tortured, refused to let me into my house. An obvious case of feeling bitter over the morning’s event. I came down from the car,Demanded to get into my property and I tried pushing the gate to let myself in. As I was pushing the gate, He was bending my fingers and I made sure( judge me if you want) that I gave him a resounding slap for bending my fingers to the back.

They have become a security threat and I will make sure i start a revolution . They must Go.

My brother is currently down and has been in and out of seizures.He also missed his mock exams yesterday.
Help me share this with a hashtag justicefordaniel

Yesterday,People who had been brutalized by these same people,spoke up in anger. With Different stories.

You may look away because it is not Your brother or child but It can be tomorrow. 
The government will do nothing.
Change starts with Us’

16-year-old Nigerian boy handcuffed to a motorcycle by Man O' War officials (Photos) lailasnews 1

16-year-old Nigerian boy handcuffed to a motorcycle by Man O' War officials (Photos) lailasnews 2